Do you have a data set from which you need to calculate aggregated values, create a prediction model, or verify a hypothesis based on it? Or do you need to make another analysis of you data, but you don't know how? Then do not hesitate to contact me. I will be glad to give you some advice on what would be the best for your work and how it could be done.

I provide the first consultation completely for free!

   Data analysis

Data analysis workflow can be divided into the following five steps:

  • task specification by client,
  • obtaining of data set (provided by client, downloaded from web, or scraped from web),
  • exploratory analysis (quality check and preparation of data for data analysis),
  • data analysis (e.g. hypothesis testing, model construction, plotting),
  • results interpretation and preparation of outputs (comments, tables, plots etc.).

During data analysis I am not limited by:

  • type of data (multidimensional data, time series etc.),
  • format of data file (XLSX, CSV, JSON etc.),
  • nor the field of science.


If you want to replicate the analysis on other data set with the same structure as the original one, regularly, I offer a continuous reporting service. Methods of delivering analysis results may be different:

  • regular email delivery of tabular spreadsheets,
  • intuitive web application that is tailored to your needs so there can be uploaded data set and results can be displayedon one button click.


To make a proper price estimate, the knowledge of data and assignment is required. So do not hesitate to send me your request to my email address Based on your request, I will be happy to prepare a data analysis workflow and a price estimate. I provide the initial consultation free of charge!