Below, you can find tools I use the most during my work.

Programming languages

R Python SQL


A language that was invented by statisticians for statisticians. It is used for data analysis and data modeling. Except for analyses, R can also be utilized for creating simple web presentations and programs.


Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It can be used not only for data analysis but also for development of web pages, such as this one.


The letters SQL stand for Structured Query Language. SQL is a domain-specific language designed for managing data held in a relational database mana- gement systems.

Presentation of results

latex jupyter_notebook shiny_app


LaTeX is a document preparation system. Created documents are saved in the PDF format and contain the analysis results; calculations, tables, plots, and text comments.

Example (school project in CZ)

Jupyter Notebook

A Jupyter Notebook document contains an ordered list of input and output cells, which can con- tain code, text, plots, and visua- lizations. The generated outputs can be easily reproduced.

Example (school project in CZ)

Shiny App

The output is a publicly access- ible web app that contains the analysis results. It may be a sui- table solution for customers, who regularly need to update the analyses results with new data.

Example (school project in CZ)